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Update: Presidential Volunteer Service Award!

Unitopia has been certified by the Corporation for National and Community Service to award the Presidential Volunteer Service Award to volunteers that have supported our cause through education, advocacy, and inclusive practices. As we posted a few months ago, we are extremely excited to support our volunteers with their future endeavors; this post recognizes many volunteers that have been active since Unitopia’s seed was planted.

Congratulations to the following volunteers and officers for their work, engagement, and volunteerism:

  • Harshith (Gold): Harshith’s contributions to the team have included the facilitation of volunteer programs and oversight of many different programs. While not directly involved in many of the programs, he plays a vital role through his initial volunteer orientation.

  • Michael (Gold): Michael’s service as Chief Technology Officer has supported our training and curriculum initiatives along with his profound understanding of media platforms to improve our website engagement. Furthermore, his initial framework for the website and partnerships helped bring in our organization’s first families.

  • Sreepriya (Gold): As our Direct Impact Director, Sreepriya has streamlined logistics, planned out projects and activities, and started the Kraft Kits program through her upbeat facilitation and teaching of our programs. Over the past few years, Sreepriya has been one of the most dedicated and supportive members of our team, for neurodivergent and neurotypical students and members alike.

  • Nihar (Gold): Nihar’s service as Union City Chapter president has improved our reach and fundraising efforts; even during the pandemic, Nihar’s efforts have played an instrumental role for the development of regional volunteerism and school-based efforts. Nihar continues to garner more and more engagement at James Logan High School.

  • David (Gold): David has been the primary webmaster for the Unitopia website, along with the development of our graphic design across all platforms. His support and efforts, since the beginnings of Unitopia, have helped increase website traffic, online registration, and many future projects like merchandise that are currently in the pipeline!

Unitopia would be nothing without its volunteers. The arms of our organization all depend on volunteers in order to reach the hundreds of families across the world. We hope to recognize the efforts of our volunteers and their dedication to our organization in the future, as our new volunteers continue to contribute in massive ways! Keep on the lookout for our posts and news articles to recognize volunteers, announce progress in initiatives, and our latest activities!


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