Our Online Activities!

Over the past nine months, we have initiated our art and dance sessions with hundreds of families across the United States, from California to Illinois and New York!

During our arts and crafts activities, Unitopia Impact Director Priya Ganga provides a simple, inclusive activity that is understandable for all students, with the end goal of creating a tiny craft. Our classes are held through Zoom every other for all students for all students, with volunteers provide Our arts and crafts sessions are one of our newest initiatives started amidst the COVID-19 pandemic! During our online activities, our volunteers provide a simple, understandable activity to create a cute craft.

Our dance sessions have four passionate volunteers, Pranjal, Trisha, Aarushi, and Satvika, creating simple, accessible, and inclusive choreography for students. The dance sessions are split up into separate sessions based on style, with short, engaging dances.

The best part about both programs? They are engaging and completely free! The ages are all-inclusive, with delivery options for arts and crafts materials. Check out our programs’ pages to see a beautiful display of student work and performances, and register as well!

As our journey towards reopening continues, we hope to continue our online activities along with various opportunities to meet in-person! Contact us at or join our mailing list below to receive updates.

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