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Our New Podcast!

As a part of our educational and informative movement, we have created our very own student-run podcast, “Neurodiversity in a Nutshell.” Our script and audio editors, Aadhav Rajesh and Charan Rameshkumar, and founder, Aaryan Shah, have created this resource to provide reliable, accurate information about neurodiversity.

The stigmatization of neurodiversity and learning differences run rampant across the world; the purpose of this podcast is to bridge the gap between neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals, and support strengths-based mindsets through the extensive research and education provided in each episode.

When we began our ideation process, we only found podcasts related to parenting and support for lived experiences, like how autistic individuals can fit in the workplace. We didn’t find too many shows and resources dedicated to learning about neurodiversity. We hope that our podcast is able to provide information and a broad understanding of neurodiversity, disability laws, and important topics regarding advocacy and inclusion.

Check out our podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor, and on our website as well!

We hope you enjoy learning about the neurodiversity movement; email us at if you have episode ideas, questions about specific topics, and recommendations for guest speakers!


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