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New Partnerships!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

As Unitopia continues to grow, we form new relationships with various organizations around the globe that all focus on improving the lives of people going through struggles everyday. With these new partnerships, Unitopia aims to help the lives of neurodivergent students not only in the Bay Area but around the world, so we can truly have the largest impact on the issues that remain pervasive in neurodiversity and physiodiversity.

Ateneo Special Education Society Unitopia works closely with Ateneo Special Education Society to promote social awareness about the issues in neurodiverse education. Ateneo Special Education Society hosts several fun events around the year to spread its advocacy.

Amazon Smile Amazon Smile helps Unitopia raise funds by giving a percentage of purchases on Amazon to the organization. With these funds, Unitopia is able to host more fun events around the year such as the Movie Night held in October 2019. FCSN Unitopia partners with FCSN to help reach special needs families in Bay Area. Additionally, Unitopia works with FCSN to provide volunteers to assist in the various events held by FCSN such as the Talent Show. Azure + Office Microsoft Azure provides discounts on technology supplies for non-profit organizations. With the help of Microsoft Azure, Unitopia is able to streamline many functions as well as save funds that can later be used to plan more exciting events. Viagenco Viagenco is a non-profit organization located in Kenya that supports families and children with learning differences. Unitopia partners with Viagenco to provide financial support to the families in Kenya so neurodivergent students can get the lifestyle they deserve.

SNCCF SNCCF is very similar to Unitopia and focusses on Bay Area families with special education students. This partnership has helped Unitopia and SNCCF gain a larger student-base in the Bay Area region as well as raise funds for events. Kids & Smiles Kids & Smiles works with pediatric patients in Southern California to bring enjoyment to special needs children. Unitopia works closely with this organization to expand into Southern California to help more students.

JMA Unitopia works closely with JMA to help students with learning diferences receive access to STEM-based education.

Angel’s Special Needs Center Angel’s Special Needs Center and Unitopia work together to provide support to neurodivergent families in Uganda. This partnership will help Unitopia work on an international level so more people can be helped.

Easterseals Northern California Easterseals is an organization that has been around for over 90 years helping families and children with neurodiverse conditions. This partnership will provide Unitopia with expertise so we can better serve the community.

For more information (and possible updates!) visit our dedicated Allies page! We hope you continue to stay safe and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.


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