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Announcement: Kraft Kits!

We have yet another update regarding one of our online activities: Kraft Kits. We had paused the development of our programs for multiple months due to concerns of screen time from parents. However, due to ongoing interest and the excitement of the spring and summer months upon us, we recently held our first Kraft Kits session of 2021 to celebrate the Easter holiday: Bunny Crafts!

Make sure to sign up at the following link for future activities and group sessions: As of now, our plan is to hold biweekly activities for anyone to join, along with the initial offerings of free materials, delivered straight to your doorstep. In order to facilitate these programs, we will continuously need your support and funding; please make sure to donate whenever possible at the point of delivery or through our website:

Our programs are held at 5 PM on Saturdays, and we are willing to deliver materials across the United States. While we would love to include more people from the international Unitopia community, materials deliveries are not possible at the moment. The list of materials will always be sent if you would like an opportunity to participate without materials being delivered to you–thus, if you are from outside the United States, there is no problem!

Please email us at if you have any questions!


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