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A new chapter... and a new story

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Motivated high school students at James Logan High School have recently collaborated with Unitopia to create our very own Union City chapter. With more than 25 students, the Union City chapter has spread a message of inclusivity and integration for all people within the community, regardless of ability or personality. Spearheading the effort is Nihar Nuthikattu, a Unitopia volunteer for more than six months who has created amazing development in Union City. Personally, Nihar had grown up in a neighborhood with close friends who suffered from mild autism and down syndrome and learned from a young age that a person’s character was not defined by their ability. Nihar and his officer team have catalyzed social integration with the support of advisors, teachers and parents. The team’s officers, Anuj Dharmendran, Arjun Dawar, Luqman Zaceria, Sahana Hegde, Parth Mulay, Xitlalie Valdez, Pujan Tewari, Amogh Donthi, Elisa Ulloa, and Sindurgouri Hegde all worked tirelessly in order to get this club up and running. Xitlalie has spent countless hours for upcoming fundraisers and outreach endeavors, raising over $150 in the last week alone. In the near future, Union City Unitopia looks to create community events in order to bring social inclusion into the community, from partnerships with the San Jose Sharks to movie nights at Kennedy Park. Through efficient fundraising and passionate work, students at James Logan have already started to create change within their community. For far too long, especially in Union City, individuals with learning differences have been excluded and separated from the rest of the community. Gone are the days of watching students be separate from the whole. With the introduction of Unitopia in Union City, the door to a better and just tomorrow has opened.


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