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2019 Awareness Fair

Updated: Jul 21, 2020


Aaryan Shah (left), CEO and founder of Unitopia, and Harshith Yallampalli (right), pictured at the 2019 Awareness Fair.

The Awareness Fair took place on August 17-18th, 2019 at the Union City Library, a local conference to bring awareness to issues at all levels, domestically and internationally, allowing budding organizations such as Unitopia to meet other organizations, resulting in more outreach opportunities and future partnerships.

Each team was required to create a poster board containing information about our topic, including statistics, public action, and information about Unitopia and our mission to help students with learning disabilities and differences globally. Teams received the opportunity to showcase their boards at the Union City Library where crowds of people were able to view and ask questions about the issue at hand. On the second day of the event, selected panel of judges graded poster boards as well as listen to five-minute speeches from each poster and handed out cash prizes to the best performing teams.


Unitopia received 1st place overall and $100 cash prize for their report on the State of Special Education, and was able to make valuable connections with one of the members in attendance, Zia Oboodiyat. Mr. Oboodiyat, the founder of Special Need Children Center Foundation (SNCCF), has helped provide students with learning differences with an environment and community that can help them transition into fulfilling lives as adults.

Mr. Oboodiyat himself is the father of a physiodivergent child and has experienced the need for such a foundation firsthand, allowing Unitopia to partner with a valuable ally with a very similar purpose and mission: helping students with learning differences globally.



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