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international relief

Our “Inclusion Africa” program currently works with three partner organizations: Viagenco, Angel's Center For Children with Special Needs, and Disability Africa. Check out our Allies page to learn more about these organizations!


Our work in Uganda with Angel’s Center For Children with Special Needs consists of assistive technologies like standing frames , water sustainability practices, and caregiver training for Trisomy 21, cerebral palsy, and autism spectrum condition (ASC). Alongside caregiver training, we are also raising money for the development of various sensory-stimulating activities including mobile swimming pools and plush toys while funding the construction for additional therapy rooms. All of our support systems are specifically tailored to caregivers and students in the region, taking into account their circumstances and learning styles.

We are currently working with the Viagenco Board and Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya to provide assistive technologies such as wheelchairs and glasses, cataract surgery and stapedectomy funding, and COVID-19 relief including face shields, gloves, and masks. We are also curating translated training and curriculum for various neurodiverse conditions to caregivers in the region to encourage inclusive practices over the current, assimilating conditions for children.


Our work with Disability Africa is specifically centered on bolstering their current practices across The Gambia, Zambia, and Sierra Leone. We have directly funded DA’s logistics regarding the construction of inclusive playgrounds in those three countries, covering and subsidizing fees for playschemes, local merchant costs and salaries.

Please consider donating and earmarking your donation for Inclusion Africa if you are interested in supporting this specific program!