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fun, interactive events

Since our founding, Unitopia's main priority has been the development of social interaction between students of all kids, whether neurodivergent or neurotypical. We have held various events, including our Kraft Kits and Dance Classes, in conjunction with movie nights, fairs, and sports days. 

Read more about our group events below! You can join our mailing list to receive the latest updates for group events, both virtual and in-person. 

In-Person Field Day

Our first in-person event after two years of virtual activities and interaction, creating personalized engagement and activities.


1st Annual Movie Night 

Our first large-scale event, with hundreds of moviegoers with accessible services, games, and more!

2019 Awareness Fair

Our first event after our founding as an organization led to a 1st place berth at the Union City Awareness Fair. Check out our work!


Interactive Activities

Check out our other arts and crafts activities, dance classes, and one-on-one programs for more interaction opportunities!

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