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What is the purpose of this guide?

Unitopia's latest project is to develop training guides tailored to different neurodivergent conditions. Our first one has been created by Unitopia's founder and CEO Aaryan Shah, under the guidance of Dr. Alexander Blum, associate lecturer at San Francisco State University Department of Special Education.


The overarching purpose of this guide is to provide understandable resources for caregivers, educators, professionals, and other interested individuals. Unitopia's partners across the African continent described a dire need for resources due to outdated resources and therapy strategies, alongside an infrastructure concern in regions of rural Kenya, Uganda, and Sierra Leone.

This guide should not be used as a token of any organization–in essence, we, speaking on behalf of our organization, truly believe that this guide will be beneficial to individuals across the world. Our resources and programs are already being utilized in many countries, and our open-access training guides will serve the same purpose. We hope that you can reach out to us at for any concerns, questions or modifications. You can also check out more information about our organization on our website.

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